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Airplane seat selection


You came to the airline’s website to check in for a flight, and they show you the cabin. You are flying without company. Which place will you choose?



It’s simple, do not hesitate to take 15F. A window seat is a real plus: you can look at the clouds and beauties during takeoff/landing, falling asleep you can close the curtain and lean against the wall, and no one will disturb you if you want to go to the toilet.

For clarity, we look at the 7th row. Who in their right mind would want to take 7B? Nobody. The same will be seen by passengers in the 15th row when you take your seat. This means that the probability that someone will take 15E is very small. Most likely, it will remain empty and will allow you to use it at your discretion, for example, put a bag there. And if you’re a girl, the 15D neighbor won’t mind if you take both sleeping places with the armrest removed.

The strategy is very simple, you need to take a window seat, but only when the aisle seat is already taken. This is also important because if you took a seat by the window, and there are two more free ones nearby, it is highly likely that a couple will take them and then you will not see an empty seat.

By the way, here is the conclusion: if you yourself are flying in pairs, do not sit next to each other. Take window and aisle seats. Most likely, the third extra will not come, but, if anything, it will be possible to change (he himself will offer). If one of you likes to fly by the window and the other likes to fly by the aisle, then you are the perfect couple.

There are also subtleties in choosing seats according to comfort, this is in case there were several potential seats on the plane and you are thinking. Firstly, the rows at the emergency exits are always a little wider, that is, it will be more comfortable to stretch your legs, and for tall passengers like me, this is generally a huge plus. They also say that turbulence is less felt in places near the wings, since the body of the aircraft in these places is stronger.

If for some reason there is no detailed diagram of the aircraft on the airline’s website or the location of the emergency exits is not indicated, just look on the Internet (or in the smartphone application) for the diagram of the aircraft you will fly.

And yet, check-in on the site (usually starts 24-30 hours before departure) saves you from an early departure to the airport (you need to be there not by the time of check-in, but by the time of boarding the plane), and long queues to the check-in counter.