Las Vegas, we owe you a thank you. You gave us what we expect from Las Vegas, whatever we expect, whatever we hope to see, in 2 days. We can’t complete the sentence as neither less nor more, because in fact, you gave more than we expected, everything, but more than everything, to be honest, you gave even more than necessary. We don’t say this like a Las Vegas lover, it’s not like we have a love affair with Las Vegas. But we have never seen such an EXTREME place in our lives, SERIOUSLY MR. VEGAS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Think of Vegas like this; Will there be a sign somewhere? They put the biggest one. Should a new hotel be opened somewhere, with 3000 rooms, 4 Starbucks, 15 restaurants, 3 clubs should be put in it. Is the restaurant open? One portion of the meals should be large enough to feed a family, because why not? Party happening somewhere? AS MUCH AS YOU CAN DETECT. Seriously, we have never seen such an extreme, such an exaggerated place in our lives. You feel as if all the electricity in the world is consumed here, you eat all your food here, all your energy is spent here, the world would be a better place if they cut the electricity only 2 days a year. For this reason alone, we go to Vegas to see with your own eyes that such a thing happens somewhere in the world while we are sitting at home watching Netflix.

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Las Vegas Travel Guide (14)
Las Vegas Travel Guide: When to Go to Las Vegas

We think we should categorize when to go to Las Vegas because there are so many factors to consider when going to a place like this and it’s not like taking a city trip. So let’s move forward item by item:

*By Expensive: The first thing you need to know is that if you are trying to budget more, try to coincide your Vegas trip with weekdays, because hotel prices are often higher on the weekends. While Vegas is always a lively city, prices are higher especially on Friday & Saturday as the biggest events and parties are usually put on the weekends. The second thing you need to know is that if you go between November and February, hotels will probably be more affordable, as this is a less crowded period in Vegas.

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*By Weather:
 Another important thing you should know: The fact that Vegas is located in the middle of the desert doesn’t mean it’s always hot. In other words , if you go to Vegas between November and February, you can experience a completely cool weather , so if you want to sunbathe on my surface and attend pool parties, skip those periods. But if you are turning into a person who cannot cope with the heat and has a nervous breakdown in the heat, the June – July – August trio can also spoil you , now the decision is yours.

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*By Events:
 Vegas is an event paradise, the whole city is based on having fun and entertainment, we can say that this is the summary sentence of the city. Even if your trip to America coincided with what could be considered an off-season, does that mean you can’t go to Vegas? No, it’s fine to go. You can plan for a concert, a comedy show, a show, a musical, whatever comes to your mind (and if you don’t) . For example , we’ve seen billboards saying Backstreet Boys are starting to appear in Vegas, would you mind?

*After all this detailing, let’s personally say what is the best time to go to Vegas: Either September-October or late March and April. Now you will decide for yourself according to your tastes.

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Las Vegas Travel Guide: How Long to Stay in Las Vegas?

How long you stay in Las Vegas really depends on how much you enjoy it and the activities you plan. For example, we said that it is enough for us to party for 2 days, let’s stay limited to this both in terms of experience and entertainment, and we are very happy with our decision. There has never been a situation where we thought so much that we wished we had stayed a little longer. However, let us remind you that if you are going for entertainment purposes, you are likely to stay up late, so you will wake up late in the morning, in short, there will be an irregularity during the trip. If we add your desire to do some touristic activities, maybe 1 more day can be added.

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Las Vegas Travel Guide: Transportation in Las Vegas

We’ve come to the nightmarish part of the job. We say it’s like a nightmare, because it’s really an ordeal to get from one place to another in that crowd. Especially if you go into fashion and wear heels or something, at some point you become attached to your grandmother and find yourself included in the community of women who have given up walking barefoot, shoes in hand. Ok, don’t panic, there is a way to solve this, if not to solve it, to make it more practical; Using Uber or Lyft . Here, Uber and Lyft have really become the hands of the people. Separate areas have been created inside the hotels for Uber and Lyft users to get on and off, and you will see hundreds of people trying to find their phone and vehicle, so you better adapt to the event immediately.

*If you insist on taking a taxi and need to be somewhere at a certain time, you need to know this: There is no such thing as taking a taxi from the road on The Strip, so you have to enter those taxi queues you see. Especially in the evening, there can be incredibly long taxi queues. In other words, don’t make the mistake of going down 10 minutes before your destination is close, but plan taking into account the taxi queue and the traffic you will encounter.

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*If you are aware, we do not even talk about walking to places, because Las Vegas is definitely not a city suitable for walking. While it may take 20 minutes to walk from one end of any hotel to the other, believe me, walking to the hotel opposite you turns into an impossible thing in some cases. That’s why even we are surprised to say this, but take a tour without walking for 2 days, we will tell you if there is a place to walk.

*If you went to Vegas with your car like us, you’d better forget about the car while you’re there. You won’t be able to drive, as any activity you’ll likely be doing in Vegas will include drinking alcohol anyway. But even if it isn’t, we recommend that you stick to Uber and Lyft instead of pulling your car out of the parking lot, as there is a serious traffic jam and you will have to pay unnecessary money for parking spaces .

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Las Vegas Travel Guide: Las Vegas Accommodation

Since there are so many hotel options in Las Vegas, and most of the hotels on the main street, which we call “The Strip”, where all kinds of attractions are turned, many of the world-famous hotels, you may be indecisive about which one to stay, you may be enthusiastic about most of them, it’s a perfectly normal feeling. First of all, do not be intimidated, these hotels do not attract terrible prices because they are famous hotels, you may come across more suitable things than you think, probably due to the money they break from casinos and the consumption frenzy here. (Even $2 sounds scary considering the current state of the dollar.) Let’s give some information to help you choose a hotel in Vegas:

If possible, try to choose your hotel on The Strip, even if you say that they are expensive for me , try to choose a place near The Strip , because most of the issues revolve around this street, it will definitely make your job easier.

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Las Vegas Travel Guide (25)
* When choosing your hotel in Las Vegas , pay attention to what kind of activities, attractions, shows, restaurants are in your hotel. We say this because most of your Vegas trip will be spent in hotels, the concept of entertainment here is based on this, clubs, bars, restaurants, casinos, everything is scattered inside the hotels.Every year, there are artists, bands and DJs who sign with that hotel (they are big names like Calvin Harris, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Steve Aoki, not Jack from Vegas, Jessica from Nevada, I mean sdfs) and they perform there for a certain period of time. . Names like David Cooperfield, Criss Angel are doing shows and whatever you can think of, they are all scattered in the hotels. Therefore, your life will be easier if you choose a hotel that fits your mind in terms of entertainment and nightlife, and in which you want to be included in the attractions. When choosing a hotel, it can make your job easier to enter and choose from the websites according to what is in the hotel and which of them are of interest to you. In such a situation, one can get the feeling of “what is this dude, have we come to a 5-star holiday village, let’s hang out in our hotel, are we crazy”, but you will understand when you go and see it.

We stayed at MGM Grand and we were very satisfied. The hotel is already fine, but other than that, there are events, concerts, clubs, etc. inside the hotel. We chose this place because it was on our minds. The weirdly weird pool party called Wet Republic was taking place at our hotel and many popular DJs were performing in Hakkasan as part of MGM, for example. However, if you think that I can be a little closer to other popular hotels, and have the opportunity to walk a little more, you can also consider options such as Caesars, Cosmopolitan and Bellagio, since MGM is located at a point at the very beginning of the Grand The Strip.

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Las Vegas Travel Guide: What’s About the Casinos?

Let’s say from the beginning, we are not very authoritative people on this subject, as we are not people who are very enthusiastic about gambling and casino issues. I mean, we are in Vegas, brother, even though we played 2-3 things by saying this is an experience, if you expect us to give tactics such as “go to that casino and play there, we made the most money there” or “PRESS YOUR STORY RED, YOU WILL BE OUR PRAYER” or something. You’ve come to the wrong place.

When you enter almost every hotel in Vegas, you will encounter casino sections. Personally, before I went, I thought that the person who wants to go to the casino has to go to the casino section, there is a separate point for this and it enters there. But no, just as you enter, machines, tables, people who are in a gambling frenzy appear before you as a laps, so you don’t have to go to a particular area. Hence identity check etc. While you are gambling because nothing has been done , suddenly a man might want to come and check your identity, don’t be surprised, it’s normal for that place , they probably asked us 8 times in 2 days.

Las Vegas Travel Guide (6)
When you say anywhere in Las Vegas, you can come across slot machines at the airport, to an outlet, or even when you go to the toilet . It becomes ordinary at some point anyway, you don’t even look at his face, hee hee okay, you go by like gambling yes.

*Alcohol is free if you are sitting at the table in the casino sections, so to put it more directly, if you spend money. Don’t be surprised by the people who come and ask about your order, tell them to go. Since there are no clocks in the casinos, oxygen is pumped all the time, and the whole environment is based on “Let them gamble more”, you may find yourself unwittingly turned into a drunkard form who has been gambling for hours. Then don’t go back to your room like a regretful father who wakes up his child at 2 am and gives him wafers.

Las Vegas Travel Guide (2)
For lower odds (I don’t know exactly if this is called odds, I mean to start playing with lower prices on the table or machine you are sitting at) MGM, Bellaggio, Caesars etc. Instead of big hotels, you can try some lesser-known places, the rates are lower there. We didn’t go and see it, but they said Bally’s is one of the best places for this, you can try it.

*Again, keep in mind that if you are a gambling lover but do not want to spend a lot of money, there are lower rates at certain tables at certain hours in hotels. Likewise, in some sections there are tables where you can sit with a minimum of 25 dollars, and in some sections you can sit for 15 dollars, we say, try to identify them.

* Finally, we would like to give you information that may sound ridiculous when you read it, but actually really useful. It’s VERY COLD inside the casinos and hotels. But I mean, it can’t be cold like this, morgue level you know. For this reason, you may want to take something for this with you. Let those who treat us like grandparents think while gambling there trembling.

Las Vegas Travel Guide: Places To Visit In Las Vegas

Now, yes, we may have come to party and have fun, but of course, there are some places to visit and see in Vegas. If you really get caught up in the entertainment world of Vegas, we don’t know how many of them you can achieve, because it will very likely be messed up, even in only 2 nights, you will come to the point of “do not let anyone touch me today, I have to make an effort to even breathe”, but again, again. We would like to list some places that you will not want to miss. Believe me, we have not been able to show a full performance in terms of sightseeing in the Las Vegas leg of our America trip, but we went on a discovery as much as we could, of course, we will not withhold them from you within the scope of Las Vegas Travel Guide.

Las Vegas Travel Guide (12)
*Las Vegas Sign

Let’s start with a classic, the iconic “Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas” that will sound as familiar as the sign of the grocery store on your street from the movies .sign. If you go here, although there is nothing but a sign, and this sign is not beyond any sign, you will encounter people in front of the photo queue. You will very likely think, “This America can popularize anything it wants, ANBILIVIBIL” and maybe still get in line to have your photo in front of the sign. We did not enter, we do not regret it, but if you dare to wait in line, we will understand. Getting there without a car can be a bit of a challenge, so if you’re going to heed our recommendation “Don’t leave your car in the parking lot in Vegas and then take it out again”, it’s a good idea to visit this place when you enter Vegas, that is, with your car under you. Don’t worry, even though it looks like it’s in the middle of the road, there is an area where you can park your car.

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*Hotel Travel Oddity & Hotels to See

No matter how much this part is told, it is not a situation that can be understood without setting foot in Las Vegas. I mean, why am I visiting a hotel, why the hell am I switching from a hotel to a hotel, it’s normal for you to have thoughts like that what you call a hotel is not a place to visit. However, we would like to emphasize once again the “The issue revolves around hotels in Las Vegas”, which we have tried to familiarize you with throughout this article, because we will talk about some hotels below that you may want to see. You may already be going to these hotels due to an event, activity, concert, show or restaurant, but we do not want you to miss these oddities as they all come to the fore with a certain feature.

* Bellagio: One of the most famous hotels in Vegas, where Ocean’s Eleven was filmed. Even if you don’t go inside, don’t forget to watch the water show, which focuses on the fountain-like things in front of it called “Fountains of Bellaggio” (it would be a shame to call it fountains now, because we couldn’t say what kind of fountains they are).

*Venetian: Another themed hotel with a Venetian concept, where you can travel with gondolas and create a Venetian-like atmosphere.

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*NY NY Hotel:
 This time, our theme is New York, a hotel where you can see the Statue of Liberty and New York’s iconic structures together when you look from the outside.

*Cosmopolitan: Another of Vegas’ most famous hotels, one of its most popular events is its bar called “The Chandelier”. There’s a reason why it’s called that, of course. You will most likely see the biggest chandelier you will ever see in your life, so you can stop by, but it requires attention to clothing, keep in mind.

Las Vegas Travel Guide (13)
*Caesars Hotel:
 Our theme is Rome, pillars, statues, Roman abandoned displays. After all, when you look from the outside, it will definitely attract your attention because you will be shocked even by the size of the building.

*Luxor Hotel: Ancient Egypt-themed hotel, famous for its Pyramid and Sphinx in front. We hadn’t even heard of it before we went, but it certainly draws people’s attention when you see it.

*Paris Hotel: Guess what is the theme of this hotel? DING DING DING, the correct answer is you won $1. (sorry not more when the dollar is this much) Yes, there is an Eiffel Tower like a donkey. Yes, there is even the Arc de Triomphe.

Las Vegas Travel Guide (16)
*Fremont Street

Let’s get out of these hotels, shall we? It’s interesting, how far can a person travel to a hotel, dear Las Vegas, we’re really starting to feel like the Hoteliers Association Committee now. If you dodge a little by these hotels, you’ll reach Downtown Las Vegas. Of course, here too, the neon craze, an order based on extremism, a heap of restaurants and some hotels continue, but in a slightly different concept. In other words, although The Strip side and Downtown Las Vegas side are similar in some respects, we can say that they are separate worlds. Fremont Street is the most popular and touristic street of Downtown Las Vegas. If you wander up and down here, you will already encounter dozens of interesting attractions and anomalies,

*The Neon Museum

If you are going to visit a museum, at least visit a museum specific to Las Vegas. Moreover, it is a very suitable place for those who are keen to take pictures. If they write Instagram photos on the entrance, it is the place. The Neon Museum is a whimsical museum in Vegas displaying formerly used but now retired neon signs. You can visit until 23:00 on weekdays and until 00:00 on weekends.

*LINQ Promenade

Located directly opposite Caesars Palace, the LINQ Promenade was opened in 2014 and is another spot with a variety of restaurants, cafes, shops and a number of fun attractions. The biggest reason for its popularity is the Ferris wheel called “High Roller” which is indeed a “big” reason. This Ferris wheel is open every day from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm. There is a separate fee for the day and a separate fee for the night. If you ride at night, we do not recommend it because you will most likely vomit down. By the way, if you haven’t had a chance to try the In-N-Out Burger, it’s available here. You can also try Gordon Ramsay’s Fish n Chips restaurant.

Seven Magic Mountain
*Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains, an installation by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, to describe in the shallowest way, consists of huge and colorful rocks stacked on top of each other in the middle of nowhere. Since it is located in the middle of the desert in terms of its location, it has been a very impressive work visually and photographically, so you may want to stop by here. As you can see, this place is not exactly in the center of Las Vegas, but 16 km from the center, Las Vegas Boulevard and St. It is located at the intersection of Rose Parkway. We guess that you will not miss it because it is remarkable because of its colors and size.

By the way, let us warn you in case you read this article after a long time, in fact, this study was placed here with the intention of staying for 2 years. Afterwards, they decided to extend this period because it attracted a lot of attention, but it is uncertain whether it will work or not. You know, if it’s been removed or something, be sure to check the site before you go. (yes they made a website for the rocks……….sdfs)

* If you like more nature-oriented activities, you can also stop by Red Rock Canyon and Hoover Dam , unfortunately we didn’t have time for that because we were busy going to GRAND CANYON at that time…………

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Las Vegas Travel Guide: Food and Drink in Las Vegas

Since our days in Las Vegas were based on fun, misery, sweating and dancing until we lost 8 kilos, we couldn’t focus on eating and drinking, which is one of the issues that we fall on the most under normal conditions. So don’t expect the recommendation performance from us on our other trips here, but we will of course share what we have tried.

Peggy Sue’s Diner: A place on the way from LA to Vegas. Their food is really disgraceful, but you might want to pause here because the type is so good. Just don’t eat.

Peggy Sue's Diner

Heart Attack Grill: A place on Fremont Street where people over 160 kilos can eat for free, strangely promoting obesity and trying to beat you up when you don’t finish your meal. None of this is a joke. Enjoy your meal.

Hershey’s Chocolate World: If you are aware of M&M Store, you can think of it as Hershey’s version. Reese’s is also within the scope of this. In summary, if you want to have a chocolate crisis, it’s perfect.

Las Vegas Travel Guide (15)
Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurants: You
 can come across many famous chef’s restaurants throughout Vegas, one of them being our esteemed master Gordon Ramsay, who is an expert in humiliation. We tried the hamburger restaurant and we were very satisfied, although it is not such a legendary situation, we think it should be tried. You can try it in Planet Hollywood.

Buffet Craze: There’s a buffet frenzy across Vegas. When you say it like that, it can still be a “what the hell are we here at the resort” feeling, but that’s not how things are in Vegas. We did not have the opportunity to get into this madness, but if you want to try it, the Wicked Spoon in Cosmopolitan is considered one of the best in this field, you can head there directly.

Las Vegas Travel Guide (9)
Las Vegas Travel Guide: Some Tips

*Some of the restaurants, bars and events you will go to have a “dress code”, so they may find it difficult to enter with your worn-out slippers and your Metallica t-shirt that has become discolored from washing. Therefore, if you intend to go to such places, do not forget to take your “you will lose if you do not let me in” outfit with you.