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Turkey’s Most Beautiful National Parks


Turkey is one of the luckiest countries in the world with its geographical location. Anatolian lands, which are on the transition route between Asia and Europe, have a wide variety of natural beauties with the effect of different climatic zones as well as thousands of years of historical heritage. The national parks, which host thousands of visitors every year all over Turkey, offer the opportunity to spend a pleasant time in nature, away from the stress of the city.

National parks, with their lush forest texture, rich wildlife and a relaxing atmosphere, are actually an opportunity to remember how lucky we live in a geography. It’s time to explore Turkey’s most beautiful national parks, where countless activities can be enjoyed from picnics to climbing, from hiking to cycling.

The Most Beautiful National Parks

1. Yedigöller National Park
Turkey's most beautiful national parks

Yedigöller National Park is one of the most well-known national parks of our country, which reveals the most beautiful shades of green in the spring and summer periods, and is decorated with the fascinating landscapes of the white cover in the winter period. In the national park, which is 42 kilometers north of Bolu in the Western Black Sea Region, activities such as camping, trekking, bicycle tours and photography can be done.

2. Karagol Sahara National Park

Karagöl Sahara National Park is located within the borders of Şavşat district of Artvin . The area of ​​the national park, which consists of two separate regions, Karagöl and Sahara Plateau, is 3 thousand 251 hectares. The national park, where you will discover the magnificent colors of nature away from urbanization, is also a nature protection reserve area. The national park, which also has a 12-bed accommodation facility used as a rural casino in the Karagöl section, also has a suitable environment for camping.

3. Dilek Peninsula National Park

wish peninsula national park

Dilek Peninsula Büyük Menderes Delta National Park is located on the peninsula where the Menteşe Mountains meet the Aegean Sea, within the borders of Kuşadası and Söke districts of Aydın. The national park, which takes its name from the Dilek Hill, the highest point of the region with 1,237 meters, is  located within the borders of Aydın . The national park, which is of worldwide importance with its unique flora diversity, is also one of the natural habitats of Mediterranean Seals, which are rare in the world.

In the national park, where you can spend exciting and pleasant times with its structure suitable for activities such as photo safari, angling, cultural walks, bird watching, mountain bike tours, caving and swimming; There are also three viewing terraces with views of the Greek island of Samos (Samos). You can enjoy the crystal clear waters in 4 different bays of the national park.

4. Aladaglar National Park

Aladağlar National Park is located between Kayseri, Adana and Niğde, around the Aladağlar, which has the highest peaks of the Taurus mountain range. Aladaglar National Park, known as the summit of Central Anatolia; Yedigöller hosts natural beauties such as Hacer Forest, the largest post forest in Turkey, Aksu Canyon, Zamantı Valley and Kapuzbaşı Team Waterfalls. The national park, where transportation is made from the Çamardı district of Niğde, is one of the most impressive natural areas that can be seen in Kayseri’s geography.

5. Hatila Valley National Park

Hatila Valley National Park

Although Hatila Valley National Park is located in the Eastern Black Sea Region, it is one of the most untouched nature areas of Artvin and Turkey, where the effects of the Mediterranean climate are encountered. The 17,138-hectare national park is a great route for activities such as trekking and photography. Hatila Valley National Park also hosts one of Turkey’s highest glass terraces.

Hatila Valley Glass Terrace is placed on the rocks at the side of the road. Hatila Valley Glass Terrace, which extends 15 meters from the rock junction, has a length of 7 meters and a width of 7.5 meters. Opened to visitors in 2015, the viewing terrace with a glass area of ​​50 square meters is 12 km from the city center of Artvin, at an altitude of 490 meters, and at an altitude of 220 meters from the Hatila Stream.

6. Ballıkayalar Nature Park

Ballıkayalar Nature Park

Ballıkayalar Nature Park is one of the most wonderful rock climbing routes in Turkey. Located in Kocaeli’s Gebze district, the nature park is one of the closest escape routes to the city with its close location to Istanbul. The park, which is preferred by climbing enthusiasts as well as people who are overwhelmed by the chaos and stress of city life to meet nature, is worth seeing with its trekking track, waterfall, narrow valley and picnic areas.

7. Tek Tek Mountains National Park

Tek Tek Mountains National Park is located in Şanlıurfa. The national park is an address where you can witness both its natural beauties and the reflections of the historical past with its archaeological values ​​such as the Shuayip City Ruins, Soğmatar Ruins and Senem Cave.

The park, which covers an area of ​​19 thousand 335 hectares on the Tektek Mountains; It also has a rich flora where animals such as gazelle, varan lizard, lynx, wolf, fox, bustard, lizard, crane, henna partridge, wild strawberry, falcon, hawk, turtledove, lapwing, lark, hoopoe and starling can be seen.

8. Olympos Beydaglari National Park

Olympos Beydaglari National Park

Olympos Beydağları National Park isa wonderful natural area where historical artifacts and ruins in the Ancient City of Olympos meet nature. The national park, which offers its visitors the opportunity to reach the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean through the dusty ruins of history, is located within the borders of Kemer and Kumluca districts of Antalya. Olimpos Beydağları National Park, with a total area of​​34,452 hectares, is also famous for the caretta carettas that lay eggs on Çıralı Beach .

9. Camili Biosphere Reserve Area

Camili Biosphere Reserve Area is located around Camili Basin within the borders of Borcka district of Artvin. Camili Biosphere Reserve Area, which has been selected as one of the 217 priority areas in the world by BirdLife International and located on one of the most important gliding bird migration routes in the region, is known as the first and only biosphere area in Turkey.

The biosphere reserve area, located on the Georgian border, 45 km from Borcka town center, is the only place in our country where predatory species such as golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetus), black vulture (Aegypus monachus) and peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus) are seen. The local people make their living from cattle breeding in the green plateaus around the basin.

10. Mount Nemrut National Park

Mount Nemrut National Park

Mount Nemrut National Park is located on and around the summit of Mount Nemrut, where the world’s most wonderful sunrise and sunset views are observed. Located at the intersection of Malatya and Adıyaman provinces, the national park dazzles with its 10-meter-high god statues, tumuli and reliefs. The national park, which has been on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List since 1987, is known as the highest open-air museum in the world.

11. Ilgaz Mountain National Park

Ilgaz Mountain National Park

Ilgaz Mountain National Park is located in the cities of Kastamonu and Çankırı, on the Ilgaz Mountains. There are places worth seeing such as Valla Canyon, Aydos Canyon, and Ilgarini Cave, Mushroom Cave, Kuyluş, Dragon Mouth Cave, Ilıca Waterfall and Horma Canyon in Ilıca Village, in and around the area, which has been in the status of a national park since 1976. The national park covers an area of ​​37 thousand hectares.

12. Küre Mountains National Park

Küre Mountains National Park is located in the west of the Black Sea Region, on the Küre Mountains. The region, which has been selected as one of the priority areas for conservation in European forests by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), is among the important natural areas of the world with its rich wildlife.

13. Abant Lake National Park

Abant Lake National Park is one of the most touristic natural beauties of the Black Sea. It takes its namefrom Lake Abant, a crater lake formed on the Abant Mountains, 34 km southwest of Bolu . With its unique nature, it is a very beautiful geography worth seeing in all four seasons of the year.

Abant lies southwest of the city of Bolu, between the Western Black Sea and the Marmara; It is a peaceful geography where oak, fir, pine, beech and hornbeam trees are abundantly sprinkled. It is a natural wonder where you will wake up to the chirping of birds in a clean air, spend time in nature and breathe the clean air full of oxygen.

The national park, which is one of the indispensable addresses of those who want to experience the joy of snow especially in winter, is one of the places where you can best observe the colors of the seasonal changes in all four seasons of the year. The park, which offers facilities suitable for both daily and long-term stays, covers an area of ​​127 hectares.

14. Nene Hatun National Park

Nene Hatun National Park is located in Erzurum city center, on an area of ​​387 hectares. Nenehatun Historical National Park is named after Nene Hatun, who undertook the leadership of the people’s struggle that prevented the Russians from entering the city during the Ottoman-Russian War (1877-1878). Carrying the cultural and historical texture of the region to future generations, this area has been in the status of a national park since 2009.

15. Kaşaliç Nature Reserve

Kaşalıç Nature Protection Area is located in Durabey village of Domaniç district of Kütahya. The region, which reflects the characteristics of the Black Sea forest ecosystem, has an impressive atmosphere with its forest areas surrounded by beech and larch trees. There are animal species such as bear, wild boar, deer, fox, rabbit, badger and hedgehog in the protected area.

16. Camlik National Park

Çamlık National Park , on the borders of Yozgat, is the first national park of our country where the 400-500 years old Black Pine species, known only in this region in Turkey and known as Caucasian Pine, grows. Established on an area of ​​264 hectares in Yozgat, the national park has nearly 30 endemic species, as well as Golden Eagles, a bird species native to America.

17. Çitdere Nature Reserve

Çitdere Nature Reserve is located within the borders of Yenice district of Karabük. Citdere Nature Reserve, which takes on a different beauty in every season of the year, amazes nature lovers with its forest area where Strandja Oaks grow in a size and diameter that are rarely seen in the world. In this protected area, there are also animal species such as deer, roe deer, bear, pig, wolf, marten, lynx and wild cat.

18. Sarıkamış Allahuekber Mountains National Park

Sarıkamış Allahüekber Mountains National Park is one of the most beautiful places to be seen between the cities of Kars and Erzurum with its magnificent scotch pine forests and wildlife The national park, which also hides the story of the 90 thousand soldiers who were martyred on the Eastern front during the First World War, has beauties that are worth seeing both naturally and culturally.

19. Kaz Mountains National Park

Kaz Mountains National Park

Kaz Mountains National Park is a place that teaches you what it means to breathe with its oxygen-rich air. Kaz Mountains National Park in the Edremit district of Balıkesir welcomes its visitors with its valleys, forested areas and camping spots, which have recently become indispensable for meditation and yoga camps that soothe the soul and mind. There are many waterfalls, historical bridges, large and small streams and thermal springs in the national park area.

20. Beşkayalar Nature Park

Beşkayalar Nature Park has an area of ​​921 hectares within the borders of Başiskele district of Kocaeli. Beşkayalar Nature Park , located in the northern part of the Samanlı Mountains, whose name was Arganthonios in Antiquity, is the  favorite of those who want to be in touch with nature with its hiking trails, streams and animal species surrounding its forested areas. The nature park is a place that can be visited daily with its close location to Istanbul and Bursa.

21. Kizildag National Park

Kızıldağ National Park is located near Isparta and Konya. Pınargözü cave, Turkey’s longest cave, is within the borders of Beyşehir Lake and Kızıldağ National Park, which offers unforgettable views with its magnificent nature; Besides Şarkîkaraağaç and Yenişarbademli districts, there are also Gölkonak, Gedikli, Sarıkabali, Belceğiz, Armutlu, Karayaka, Kıyakdede, Yassıbel, Beyköy, Çeltek, Yeniköy, Çaltı and Fakılar villages.

22. Artabel Lakes Nature Park

Artabel Lakes Nature Park is within the borders of Torul district of Gümüşhane. Artabel Lakes Nature Park, which takes its name from the crater lakes that are named as Yıldız Lakes, Five Lakes, and Dark Lakes, dazzles with its breathtakingly beautiful forests, mountain ecosystems, geological structure, glacial lakes and high mountain peaks.

23. Sarıkum Nature Reserve

Sarıkum Nature Reserve is located on an area of ​​785 hectares within the borders of Sarıkum village, approximately 20 kilometers from Sinop. Sarıkum Nature Reserve takes its name from Sarıkum, which is a lagoon lake. This protected area, which has the characteristics of an international wetland ecosystem according to Ramsar criteria, is also a favorite of those who are interested in bird watching.

24. Gökçetepe Nature Park

Gökçetepe Nature Park is located on the coast of Saros Bay, one of the five self-cleaning gulfs in the world. Gokcetepe Nature Park, which hides the most beautiful views of blue and green, is one of the most popular camping, holiday and nature areas of Edirne, which is mentioned among the corners of paradise in Turkey. Due to its close location to Istanbul, the nature park is a place preferred by many nature lovers for camping on weekends.

25. Mount Honaz National Park

Honaz Mountain National Park is located in Honaz district of Denizli . Honaz Mountain, which is one of the rare places in the Aegean Region where Periglacial environmental conditions prevail, was declared as a national park in 1995. This nature area welcomes nature lovers who enjoy climbing and trekking with Mount Honaz, which is known as the highest mountain of the Aegean Region with its 2,528 meters. There are 964 different plants in and around the park, in addition to three plant species that grow only on Mount Honaz in the world, such as honeybaba, oxtail and saffron.

26. Gökçeada Underwater National Park

Gökçeada Underwater National Park is the meeting point of surf enthusiasts with its windy weather every season. Gökçeada is also very rich in terms of underwater life. Around the island, protected creatures such as Mediterranean monk seal, seagrass meadows, triton, insect, pina, dolphin, sperm whale and sea turtle can be found. Gökçeada Underwater National Park , where Turkey’s first Underwater Trail was established  , is also Turkey’s first and only underwater park.

27. Ayvalık Islands Nature Park

Ayvalık Islands Nature Park

Ayvalık Islands Nature Park is a nature protection zone covering 19 of the Ayvalık Islands in Balikesir’s Ayvalık district. The Nature Park is one of the most valuable regions of the Aegean with its unspoiled nature and historical structures. There are 59 mammal and 86 bird species living within the borders of the Nature Park. In Ayvalık, which offers the chance to explore the deep blue waters and bays of the Aegean, touristic places such as Cunda Island and Devil’s Table can be seen around the national park.

28. Çığlıkara Nature Reserve

Çığlıkara Nature Reserve , 55 kilometers from Elmalı and 165 kilometers from Antalya , has one of the rarest cedar forests in the world. The nature reserve is dazzling with nearly 400 plant species and monumental trees that are about two thousand years old, especially in the spring and summer periods.

29. Commander-in-Chief National Park

Commander-in-Chief National Park

Commander-in-Chief National Park is located between the cities of Afyonkarahisar and Kütahya. Consisting of two main sections, Kocatepe and Dumlupınar, the Commander-in-Chief Historical National Park bears the traces of the most important days of Turkey’s history with its historical sites, martyrdoms, museums and monuments dating back to the War of Independence period.

30. Spil Mountain National Park

Spil Mountain National Park is a natural wonder where skiing, camping, trekking and climbing activities are held in the Aegean Region, and people living in Manisa and its surroundings flock to it on weekends. The region, which was declared a national park in 1969 and known as the Spil Mountain National Park today, is a place mentioned in mythological stories. This natural wonder national park is 24 kilometers from the center of Manisa and about 50 kilometers from the center of Izmir.

31. Nallıhan Bird Sanctuary

Nallıhan Bird Sanctuary , located in the north of Ankara , is one of the most important bird habitats of our country, the name of which has not been heard much yet. More than 200 bird species live in Nallıhan Bird Paradise, one of the 70 bird paradises in Turkey.

This natural wonder, where birds such as falcons, falcons, eagles, Egyptian vultures, egrets, spoonbills, mallards, cormorants, pintails, cranes, partridges, woodcocks, quails, geese, and goose can be seen, is a peaceful place around Ankara where you can spend pleasant times among bird sounds. .

32. Munzur Valley National Park

munzur valley

Munzur Valley National Park is located within the borders of the city of Tunceli in the Eastern Anatolia Region. Munzur Valley National Park, where you can spend pleasant times in its peaceful atmosphere like the name of birch trees, has been in the status of a national park since 1971. This region is also very attractive for sports such as rafting and skiing, which are indispensable for adventure-seeking travelers.

33. Kaçkar Mountains National Park

Turkey's most beautiful national parks

Kaçkar Mountains National Park is established around Kaçkar Mountains, which is known as the highest mountain of the Black Sea Region. Kaçkar Mountains National Park covers a wide area of ​​51,550 hectares between the cities of Rize, Erzurum and Artvin. The national park, where you can see the breathtaking natural beauties and clean air of the Black Sea, is one of the rare places in Turkey where the effect of glaciers can be seen, and there are nearly 100 glacial lakes in it.

34. Priest’s Garden

The Pastor’s Garden is located in the Çamlıyayla district of Mersin. The garden, with its waterfalls with ice-cold waters and a magnificent view, is the favorite of the local people and tourists who are overwhelmed by the hot air of the Mediterranean. There are many restaurants and cafes around this area, which is flocked by those who want to have picnics and nature walks in the spring and summer periods.

35. Beyağaç Kartal Lake Nature Reserve

Beyağaç Kartal Lake Nature Reserve is famous for the oldest black pine forest in Turkey around Kartal Lake, which is located between Köyceğiz in Muğla and Beyağaç in Denizli. In the national park, the length of the larch trees, the oldest of which is about 1200-1300 years, exceeding 20 meters creates a beauty worth seeing.