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Where is Moscow, How to Get to Moscow


Moscow is Russia’s capital and largest city in terms of population. The city, which is the most important economic, cultural, scientific and political center of Eastern Europe, has thetitle of the largest city on the European continent. The city ranks second in Europe after Istanbul in terms of population.

Moscow, which is among the fastest growing cities in the world in tourism, is the favorite of Russia with its wide streets and squares reflecting the spirit of the Soviet Union, Orthodox Christian architecture representing the Slavic culture, developed metro network with each station reminiscent of a museum, museums, deep-rooted history and original culture.


The city, which has been the most important center of Russia throughout history, is known by different names due to the size of its settlement area and the importance it carries for the Russian nation. The best known of these names are the Third Rome (Третий Рим), the White Stone (Белокаменная), the First Crown (Первопрестольная) and the Hero City (город-герой).

Brief information about Moscow 🇷🇺

Moscow , the official name of the Russian Federation, is the capital and largest city of Russia. Home to some of the world’s most visited tourist spots such as the Red Square and the Kremlin Palace, the capital Moscow is also known as the city of billionaires.

Everything you encounter in Moscow pays off for the glamor, the radiant life and the glamor that comes your way. You can feel these contrasts in the Red Square and the Kremlin Palace in Moscow, which is the capital of the world’s largest country and has experienced many things throughout its history.

Located in the European lands of Russia, Moscow is located on the banks of the Moscow River. The city, which does not have a coastline, has a rich architecture with many historical buildings, including St. Basil’s Cathedral. The fact that 40 percent of the area it covers is composed of forests and green areas makes Moscow rank high in the list of the greenest cities in the world.

Having been the capital of the Principality of Moscow, the Tsardom of Russia, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and finally the current Russian state throughout history, Moscow is the center of Russian culture. There is no consensus on the exact meaning of the name of the city, which takes its name from the river that runs through the city.

Moscow became the capital of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and the USSR on March 12, 1918, after the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the city became the capital of the newly established Russian Federation.

The population of Moscow reaches 10 million 500 thousand in the city center and 18 million with its suburbs. Russian is spoken in Moscow, the official language of Russia. English awareness in the city is low. The local time in Moscow is the same as in Turkey, and the official currency of Russia, the Russian Ruble, is used in the city.

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Where is Moscow 📍

Moscow is located in the west of the Russian Federation, on the European territory of the country. The city is located between the Oka and Volga rivers, the Smolensk-Moscow ridges in the west, the Moskvoretsko-Okskaya plain in the east, and the Meşchyora pit junction in the southwest.

The city area of ​​Moscow is 1,081 square kilometers. The areas it covers The largest city in Russia, Moscow has an average height of 156 meters above sea level. The highest point of the city has an altitude of 255 meters.

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How to get to Moscow ✈️

You can go to Moscow by direct and connecting flights from Turkey . Turkish Airlines has direct flights from Istanbul Airport and Pegasus Airlines has direct flights from Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Moscow 7 days a week.

Russia’s national airline company Aeroflot also operates direct flights between Istanbul and Moscow. Flight time from Istanbul to Moscow is 2 hours and 5 minutes. Pegasus Airlines flies to Moscow Domodedovo Airport, and Turkish Airlines flies to Vnukovo International Airport.

How to get from Vnukovo Airport to Moscow city center: There are train, bus, car rental, private transfer vehicles and taxis to reach Moscow city center from Vnukovo Airport. The most economical way to reach the city center from the airport, which is 28 km away from the city center, is by bus and train.

You can reach the city center in approximately 45 minutes by taking the bus from the bus stops located in the multi-storey parking area, 130 meters from the airport terminal. You can reach the city center in 30 minutes by the Aeroexpress high-speed train, which departs from the train station in the airport. The train goes to Kievskiy railway station in Moscow city centre.

How to reach Moscow city center from Domodedovo Airport: Domodedovo Airport is 22 km away from the city center. There are bus, train, taxi, car rental and private transfer vehicle options to reach the city center from Domodedovo Airport. Bus and train are the most economical options to reach the city center from Domodedovo Airport, which is the busiest airport in Russia.

Express buses depart from the airport every 15 minutes and reach the city center in 30 minutes without stopping anywhere. You can reach Moscow Paveletsky station in approximately 40 minutes without a stop by taking the Aeroexpress high-speed train from the train station in the airport. Normal trains, on the other hand, stop at the stops and reach the city center in 1 hour.

where is moscow

Urban transportation in Moscow: Urban transportation in Moscow is provided by the metro, which is quite nice and the lines surround the whole city. In Moscow, which is the largest city in Europe after Istanbul, you can easily reach almost any part of the city by using the metro, tram, bus and trolleybus.

Since the Moscow metro, which is very safe and clean and shown as one of the most beautiful metro stations in the world, runs between 05.30 and 01.00, you have to take a taxi if you are late. But do not forget to bargain with taxi drivers.

On the other hand, the only disadvantage of the metro is the absence of any inscriptions and signs in English. So before you go, browse the metro map or download the Moscow metro app. The Moscow metro, whose lines are determined by colors, consists of 180 stations and 12 lines.

Moscow places to visit 

One of the must-see places in Moscow , St. St. , built to celebrate the victory of the Russian State and famous for its colorful domes . Basil’s Cathedral is one of the most impressive structures of Red Square . The eight-domed cathedral on Red Square, which hosts festivals, parades and rallies throughout the year, also draws attention with its light shows.

In the square, which has a special place in the history of the country, besides the cathedral, there is the mausoleum containing the mummy of the founder of the Soviet Union, Lenin, and many statues.

The Kremlin Palace , built on Borovitsky Hill, is one of the most recognizable spots in Moscow. Moscow River, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral and Alexander Garden, the palace creates a fascinating effect with its high walls.

Ivan the Great Cathedral , where the world’s largest church bell is located , and St. Basil’s Cathedral , one of the most famous buildings of the city with its onion-shaped towers, are among the must-visit structures in Moscow. One of the oldest metro systems in the world, the Moscow metro , which reflects a fascinating beauty with its ceiling decorations, and Gorky Park , which is shown as one of the most beautiful parks in the city , are among the places you must see in your Moscow trip.

The Pushkin Museum , which was built with Roman and Greek marbles, and the 13-meter-long stone structure Lobnoye Mesto are among the must-see places in Red Square. The State Tretayakov Gallery for a closer look at Russian fine arts , the Moscow Museum of Modern Art for modern art , the Preobrazhenka Cemetery for a different experience , the Nativity Church and Chudov Monastery , which are impressive religious buildings, are among the important places you should visit in Moscow.