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Bursa Hiking Trails


Although Alexander comes to mind first when Bursa is mentioned, “Where can we go based in Istanbul these days when the currency is jumping? Where can we pitch a tent around Istanbul?” When we did a research, we saw that Bursa was among the first options we came across. In fact, when there was more than one alternative, we said, “We should give it as a post”. Of course, not only for Istanbul. For example, the distance between Bursa and Ankara is 387 km. So you can leave Ankara in about 5 hours and be in Bursa.

If you want to travel like us and realize that you can’t go abroad, let’s take you like this (the poet is sad here)

The world has not come to an end, friends, we are researching for a long time, stay tuned.. We will travel again, but this time within the borders of the country, even within the borders of the region.. We start with Bursa first..

Bursa, which has made a name for itself for ages with its nature and history, is now with you with its nature walking routes. Let’s see where there are waiting to be visited in the nature of Bursa:

1- Bursa- İznik- Kocaeli: Samandıra Mountains Trekking

İhsaniye Village – Elmalı Village (800m altitude) – Alıçlı Plateau (1100m altitude): 18 Km

Elmalı Village : Wooden structures in the village have always been built with the technique of insertion, no nails have been used. In the center of the minaret of the Elmalı Village Mosque, there is a pillar made from a single tree; The steps and outer wall of the minaret were nailed around it. They brought that tree with three pairs of oxen. The purple flower in the region, called Colchicum Speciosum, heralded the winter.

2- Bursa: Alıçlı Plateau – Şahin Hill – Menekşe Plateau – Aytepe Village

Total track is 26 km! Yes, it may be long, so we also searched for shortcuts for you..

Take the west exit of the Izmit TEM highway and go in the direction of Bursa. When you come to Yuvacık town, turn towards the village. After passing the Yuvacık Dam, the road is followed until Aytepe.

The walking path starts from the Aytepe cold water reservoir to reach the Menekşe Plateau , which is 135 kilometers from Istanbul and 30 kilometers from Izmit, which will take 14 kilometers and will take 4 hours . If you want to go directly, you can reach the plateau via Bahçecik Mahallesi.

After half an hour of climbing, you will reach Şahin Hill . After an easy 1.5-hour hike, you can reach Menekşe Plateau. There is Papaz Çayırı 100 meters south of the Menekşe Plateau , and Bayrak Tepe at 1073 meters in the south  . This is a suitable area for camping. Then, following the canyon, we finish our walk in Aytepe Village .

3- Bursa- Iznik: Avdan Camdibi

The approximately 16 km hiking trail will pass through the villages of Iznik.

4- Bursa- Barakli Dam

After 55 km from Bursa city center, follow the Keleş road and continue on the asphalt road surrounded by greenery, and before coming to the center of Baraklı, you come to the Barakli pond sign. Barakli pond is reached by following the 8 km dirt road from the sign.

5- Bursa Orhangazi: Kızderbent – ​​Keramet – Ilıca Pool

The route, which starts from Kızderbent Village and is easy to walk, has a total length of 12 km. Actually, there are two walking routes here. In the first, climbing equipment is required, and in the second, we will glide through the waterfalls and follow the view of the Gulf of Izmit along the foothills of the Samanlı Mountains. On this route, where we will also see Lake Iznik, the track will end in the Ilıca healing outdoor pool with a constant temperature of 25 degrees after Keramet Village. This water is also the father of Çeşme Ilıca. If you want, you can relax in the pool.

6- Bursa: İnegöl- Boğazköy

You can see pelicans in Boğazköy Dam in İnegöl and get enough of nature.