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When is the best time to travel to China?



China is a complex country in several aspects. But basically because of its size and population . Especially the latter is very important when preparing your trip to avoid crowds.

 Avoid National Day and Golden Week: October 1-7

The Chinese are very patriotic and are the first to take to the streets to celebrate National Day. On October 1, 1949, the People’s Republic of China was proclaimed in Tiananmen Square in Beijing . So since then, millions of Chinese celebrate this holiday throughout the country. But especially, in Beijing, birthplace of the country.

But it is very important to know that the celebrations continue throughout the week, from October 1 to 7 . The Chinese have vacations and take the opportunity to tour the country. Although many also travel abroad, domestic tourism figures are much higher than in the rest of the year.

So we recommend avoiding traveling to China during these dates . There are crowds everywhere and the prices are much higher. And above all, it is very common for all trains and transport to be sold out. You don’t realize how populated the country is until you visit it.

 And especially the Chinese New Year (last week of January until the first week of February)

It is the most important holiday for the Chinese . The dates are decided by the Chinese lunar year, so they change from year to year. Of course, they are usually celebrated between the last week of January and the first week of February approximately.

During these dates the locals take the opportunity to travel, especially to be with their relatives. It’s crazy! In fact , it is the largest mass migration in the world . In no other corner of the world are so many millions of people on the move at the same time.


It is true that there is no best time to travel to China for everyone . Each person will have their criteria or will be interested in a specific area. Being such a large country, in a specific month it will not be the same time in Shanghai or in Beijing . So we will analyze the weather in each area and time of year to determine when is the best time to travel to China and in which region.

Travel to China in winter: December to February

Winter is the least touristy season of the year. The weather in northern China can be extreme with temperatures below zero. And a trip to China without seeing Beijing and the Great Wall would be incomplete.

Cheapest time to travel to China

Visiting China in winter also has its advantages. Especially when it comes to prices. Being the least touristy time of the year, hotel and flight prices drop considerably. So if you want to save, it is one of the best times to travel to China . Of course, with what you save, buy yourself a good coat!

few crowds

And we appreciate this advantage even more. Although finding cheaper hotels is fine, during the winter there is not as much Chinese tourism . As long as we except the Chinese New Year holiday week. We have never traveled to China in winter, but we went in the fall and all the attractions were crowded.

Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin

This festival is one of the most impressive things to see in China . It is celebrated every year from the end of December to the end of February. Is incredible! You will be able to see a lot of sculptures and other constructions made entirely of ice. Of course, you will have to withstand average temperatures of -20ºC.

Travel to China in spring: March to May

Next to autumn, spring is probably the best time to travel to China. Of course, as long as the rains do not bother you. In general, temperatures are very pleasant in much of China and the summer crowds are not to be seen.

Center and north dry, south becoming humid

Good weather almost throughout the country, but especially in the northern part. Throughout southern China, the rainy season starts in late February and early March and doesn’t stop until September . So if you decide to travel in spring, take a good umbrella because it rains abundantly almost every day.

A very picturesque time for flowers

If you like photography, spring is the best time to travel to China . Or one of the best! Especially for the flowers. From mid -March to mid-May, flowers fill the country with color.

 avoid labor day

Finally, if you decide to travel to China in spring try to avoid Labor Day. It is celebrated during the first week of May and hotel prices can double.

 Travel to China in summer: June to August

Summer is not exactly the best time to travel to China . If on normal dates you already have to worry about the crowds, imagine during the summer when millions of international tourists arrive in the country due to school holidays. But apart from the popularity of these dates, the weather is the main negative point.

 Rainy (and very hot) season in most of China

China is a very large country, but in general, much of the country is hit by monsoons between May and September. Especially in the south and east of the country, where flooding is common in areas near rivers.