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The Most Beautiful Holiday Places in Antalya


Antalya is one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to tourism in Turkey, and it welcomes millions of local and foreign tourists every year for all four seasons. With its lush nature, cultural and historical beauties dating back thousands of years, traditional architecture and many alternative activities , Antalya holiday destinations offer different options for those who want to take a vacation.

Antalya, one of the most beautiful holiday destinations with its plateaus, natural, cultural and historical areas, city life, beaches and sea as well as nightlife, is a beautiful geography that attracts attention from all over the world, whether local or foreign. I have listed the places that will help you choose your holiday route.

Antalya Holiday Places

1 . Antalya center

Kaleici, Antalya

Antalya city center is undoubtedly at the top of the list. In Antalya, one of the rare cities in Turkey where you can swim in the city center, don’t be jealous when you see those who go to Konyaaltı or Lara beaches with a towel in their hands after work or lunch.

The city center is a place that attracts attention in all four seasons for its streets lined with palm trees, lively cafes and bars, restored glamorous old Antalya houses, fast Antalya nightlife and entertainment venues. Antalya Kaleiçi region is one of the most beautiful places not only in Antalya but also in our country with its old historical buildings, narrow and crowded streets, delicious cafes and restaurants.

2 . Olympos

Olympos, Antalya resorts
Olympos is a popular destination among Antalya holiday destinations.

Olympos is one of the most popular holiday resorts among Antalya’s most beautiful holiday destinations. It is an exquisite valley, preferred by backpackers and hippies, especially by young people. Promising an environment surrounded by nature, plenty of oxygen, clean sea and entertainment for those who want it, Olympos also hosts the beaches where the caretta carettas lay their eggs.

Olympos, which leaves you with the option of accommodation in tree houses and pensions, offers a unique show with Yanartaş , where the natural gas that comes out to the surface is burned by meeting with oxygen. In recent years, especially the camps organized by university students show how much young people attach importance to Olympos. The area, where construction is prohibited due to the natural protected area, is ideal for calmness and peace.

3 . Belt

Antalya-Places to Visit-Kemer-General

Located 42 km southwest of Antalya, Kemer ‘s beaches are full of touristic facilities. These touristic accommodation facilities, each of which provides a high standard of service, welcome domestic and foreign tourists in the best way. You can enjoy a wonderful holiday in Kemer, which has a fascinating natural beauty with its clear sea and lush pine forests that reach almost to the coast.

Kemer, which is preferred for its colorful nightlife as well as its sea and sun, promises unforgettable fun nights with its nightclubs and live music venues that are open until the first light of the morning.

4 . Finike

Finike from Antalya Holiday Places
Finike Port, Antalya

Located among Turkey’s citrus warehouses, Finike is one step behind Antalya’s other popular holiday resorts. Finike, which is trying to adapt to the new tourism with its affordable hotels and accommodation options that can appeal to every budget, can be preferred for a quiet holiday.

Finike, formerly known as Lycia ; It also offers options for history buffs with its hillside houses, Heroon, Theatre, Three-Aisled Basilica and the monumental rock tombs in the very large Necropolis. Moreover, the beautiful beaches of kilometers long are ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

5 . Alanya

Antalya-The Most Beautiful-Places-Alanya

Alanya , an important tourism brand with its coastline of almost 100 kilometers, is an important center with its historical and cultural values, sea and unique landscapes. With its large and small hotels that appeal to every budget, cafes, bars and restaurants lined up by the coast, Alanya hosts all the needs that come to mind when it comes to a holiday.

While the Dim and Damlataş caves caress your wandering soul, the Ethnography Museum is ideal for experiencing the local culture. Alanya Castle with 150 towers, built by the Seljuks at a height of 220 meters, offers Alanya pleasure from a bird’s eye view. With its clear water, Cleopatra Beach is sure to please those who consider the concept of vacation as the sea and the beach. Bring your holiday cheap with Antalya early booking opportunities and enjoy the delicious Antalya hotels and activities.

6 . Eyebrow

Big Pebble Beach, Kas
Big Pebble Beach, Kas

Kas , which is more difficult to reach than other touristic centers, has succeeded in turning this situation into an advantage. Shown as one of Turkey’s best diving spots, the charming town winks at the Greek island of Meis , just across it .

Kas, the holiday center squeezed between the sea and the mountains, is mostly preferred by those looking for peace and quiet. Kas, which is at the forefront with its natural and cultural beauties compared to the vibrant holiday centers of Antalya, is 20 km away from the world-famous Kaputaş Beach .

7 . Manavgat

Manavgat waterfall
Manavgat waterfall

Manavgat , one of the biggest districts of Antalya , was established on both sides of the river with the same name. Manavgat, which has grown especially with tourism since the 1960s, also has the natural wonder Oymapınar Lake and its dam. Sports such as boat trips, trekking and rafting can be done in and around the dam lake.

Manavgat Waterfall is one of the most popular tourist spots in the district. In addition, Aslanlı Cave and Boğaz Beach are among the must-see places in Manavgat. At least 3 full days are required for activities to be done in Manavgat.

8 . side

Antalya-The Most Beautiful-Places-Side

Built entirely on tourism, Side , as a historical settlement, hosts important ancient ruins. There are many luxury hotels around the town centre. Titreyen Lake, Sorgun, Sorgun 2, Public Beach, Club Ali Bey, Sol Camellia beaches, each of which has a blue flag, are some of the places preferred by holidaymakers.

The Temple of Apollo offers incredible views, especially at sunset. The Roman Bath, which is among the most beautiful archaeological works of Side, the Side Museum where artifacts from the region are exhibited, and the magnificent Ancient Theater are waiting to be discovered.

9 . Kekova

Kekova , the largest island on the Mediterranean coast , is known as another region most popular with diving lovers. Kekova, which can be reached by boats departing from Kas and its surroundings, attracts more and more attention every year.

The pleasure of observing sunken cities and witnessing the magnificent nature from the sea is priceless in Kekova, where transportation can only be made from the sea. Small hotels and pensions in Üçağız Village welcome those who want to spend more time in the region.

10 . Shield

Antalya Holiday, Kalkan

Kalkan , with its old Greek houses and small marina, is one of the rare places that has managed to preserve its local characteristics. Kalkan Bay and the surrounding bays await nature lovers with their magnificent colors. Those who dream of a stress-free holiday with its small fish restaurants, hostels and hotels prefer Kalkan. Kalkan, which has attracted the attention of British tourists in recent years, has managed to preserve the urban texture that spreads towards the mountains on which it leans.

After enjoying the sea at the world-renowned Patara Beach , rafting and canoeing can be done in Eşen Stream, half an hour away from Kalkan. Since Saklıkent Canyon is located nearby in terms of transportation, it can be a good alternative for those staying in Kalkan.

Also, the uninhabited Çata Island , located off the coast of Kalkan Bay, awaits adventure lovers.

11. Belek

Calista Luxury Resort
Calista Luxury Resort, Belek, Antalya

Belek , a tourism center connected to the Serik district of Antalya , has the most qualified touristic accommodation facilities in the Mediterranean Region . Especially preferred by those who are interested in golf, Belek is an important value with its pine forests and unique beaches. For those staying in Belek , Aspendos , the ancient cities of Perge and Kurşunlu Waterfall , which are among the most beautiful historical places of Antalya , stand out as daily alternatives.

Belek, also known as the Hotels Region, has the best hotels in Antalya. Those who want to have fun, do sports and improve themselves culturally, besides a wonderful holiday, prefer Belek. Calista Luxury Resort Hotel located in Belek, one of the best choices for holiday opportunities, can be preferred.

12. Adrasan

Antalya-Places to Visit-Adrasan

Adrasan , which can be reached via Kemer, fascinates local and foreign tourists with its untouched nature and unique sandy beach. Adrasan, which has a delicious atmosphere with its pine forests that surround the deep blue sea from three sides, is ideal for those who want to have a holiday in a calm and peaceful environment. It is possible to wake up to the sounds of birds and enjoy the naturalness in this place where forest green, sea blue and yellow sun embrace.

Adrasan, which is also an important place in terms of water sports, is interested in water sports since the underwater visibility reaches 30 meters. Those who do not know how to swim very well in the bays with shallow seas and children can easily swim in the sea. The market, which was established in Çavuşköy near the Adrasan coast , is interesting for local tastes and souvenirs. My recommendation for accommodation in Adrasan is Papirus Hotel .