Although many new parents are anxious about traveling with their babies, it’s natural for them to feel a little nervous and worried. Certainly, traveling with newborns or a young child does come with some challenges. But, if you take the appropriate measures and follow a series of tips, you will not only be able to do it successfully: the whole family will enjoy the experience to the fullest . In this article, we offer you useful recommend


There is no specific age requirement to be able to fly with a baby on board, as this generally depends on the airport and the country. In the case of Spain, Aena allows 7-day-old babies to take short trips.

In addition to informing yourself about the regulations regarding the allowed travel time, it is essential that you take into account the opinion of a health specialist. You should inform your pediatrician of your travel plans, including the destination, route, and length of stay.


Do not worry about carrying your baby’s passport or ID when you make a domestic flight . It is enough to show the Family Book if the airline requires it. For international flights within the European Union, you must present the minor’s DNI. And on flights outside the EU, the passport will be necessary .

In addition, if you are going to travel outside the Schengen zone, you will have to carry your child’s European health card. In this way, you will be able to receive medical attention in the health centers of the destination. However, if the child does not yet have their own DNI, you can use your personal health card to request assistance.


Let’s see some recommendations that you should put into practice so that traveling by plane or by car is more bearable for you and your baby.

Air travel with a baby

Is it the first time you take your baby on a trip? In that case, you may feel the urge to carry a lot of baggage. But do not forget that in most destinations there are shops and supermarkets where you can buy some of the things you need to take care of the child.

The idea is to travel as light as possible to make getting around the airport as easy as possible. Of course, you should always carry the essential items for the journey and for the walks to the destination, such as diapers, a stroller or baby carrier and a bathtub, crib or portable chair.

When buying plane tickets, try to find a seat in the row with the most space and avoid those with emergency exits. If possible, choose a seat near the window. Aisle seats can be dangerous. If a hot beverage is spilled during beverage service, the contents can splash and cause burns, and the limbs of smaller children can accidentally get caught in the serving carts. There is also the risk of objects falling from the upper decks.

To pass the security checkpoint with a liquid formula or expressed breast milk, it is mandatory to comply with the regulations. This establishes that you can transport a maximum of 100 ml of liquid in a resealable and transparent plastic bag around 20 × 20 cm. Are you going to swim with your baby in a pool? So, take physiological saline with you to clean your baby’s eyes.

Depending on the weather at the destination, you will need to bring more or less warm clothing . If due to the chosen destination or the time of year it is going to be colder, you will have to bring warm clothing including gloves, a scarf and a hat. It is also a good idea to travel with a thin blanket or scarf to cover it if necessary.

traveling with a baby by plane

Traveling by car with a baby

If you choose car travel as your way of traveling, it is important that you take into account some tips so that your baby remains calm, especially if it is his first long trip. First and foremost is the chair. Use a system that is appropriate for your child’s size and weight. In addition, the child must be seated in the rear to increase the degree of protection in the event of an accident.

In order for your old lady to be comfortable, you should dress her in light and breathable clothing that does not bother or squeeze her. You can’t go without wet wipes and diapers, since you will probably need to change the diaper or clean a stain during the trip.

In case your little one gets dirty during the tour, it is advisable to bring a change of clothes or two. This will save you the hassle of searching your luggage for something to put on it. A blanket cannot be missing either, in case it gets cold inside the car .

To do your best to keep him happy and calm, you can bring him his favorite stuffed animal or play music that relaxes him. If possible, try to fit your runs into your routine at home . For example, if the baby sleeps in the morning, it is a good idea to choose those times to travel in the car, as the movement will help him fall asleep and, possibly, he will not even notice that she is traveling.

Some babies can find it difficult to travel alone in the back of the car, even on short trips. To prevent your child from feeling fearful or restless, it is best to have someone in the back .

The child also needs to get out of his chair from time to time to change position and receive affection from mom or dad. The standard recommendation to pause during a trip is usually every two or three hours or after 200 kilometers traveled. But the most important thing is to constantly observe him and notice his first signs of tiredness.

Finally, it is important to have the first-aid kit on hand in case you feel unwell along the way and there are no pharmacies or health centers in the vicinity.

traveling with a baby by car


Depending on the type of vacation that you and your family fancy, Spain offers many options for nature, beach and gastronomy, among others. Enjoying active tourism and combining it with some rest is possible in much of the Spanish geography. It is also important to find information about the climate of the places you plan to visit and prepare your suitcase accordingly.

The best destinations to travel include medium-sized cities , well connected by public transport and that do not have large slopes to walk with the stroller, as is the case of Palma de Mallorca, San Sebastián, Cádiz, Salamanca and Madrid. These cities offer comfort and several very interesting tourism options.

Palma de Mallorca

It offers pleasant temperatures almost all year round. You will enjoy with your family its great monuments, which include the Basilica Cathedral of Santa María, the Bellver Castle and the Royal Palace. And the little ones will especially like visiting the aquarium, traveling by boat and playing by the sea.

baby playing on the shore of the beach

Saint Sebastian

Kids who already walk will have a blast doing some hiking. You can also visit with your family the different viewpoints of the city, the beautiful historic center and take a stroll with the cart along the new promenade of San Sebastián.

Mother with cart in San Sebastián


Get to know the main attractions of the Tacita de Plata, as this city is known. The best activities for a traveling family include tours of the parks and old neighborhoods, bike rides along the coastline and sightings of marine life on beaches at low tide.


The old town of Salamanca is mostly pedestrianized. The city is enjoyed walking and discovering its streets and historical monuments such as the Cathedral, the Casa de las Conchas or its imposing Plaza Mayor.


The capital of Spain is presented as another excellent travel plan with babies and children. You can take your children to the Retiro Park and spend a pleasant time in its famous boats. Also, you can discover other emblematic places such as the Royal Palace and the Temple of Debod. Other activities to do with children include visiting the Madrid Amusement Park.


There are several options for traveling with young children, depending on the type of accommodation and the distance. Various options are listed below.

Cruise ships

Cruises in Europe can be done from 6 months and it is a very quiet type of vacation with all the comforts.

The first recommendation for this type of family trip is that you yourself bring all the utensils that your baby will need . Above all, you should make sure to bring special food, bottles, stroller and diapers. Before deciding on one or another cruise company, you should find out about the facilities they offer for babies.

Try to reserve a cabin as spacious as possible, since traveling with a baby implies carrying a large number of extra utensils. A cabin with a balcony would be very appropriate to be able to go out for some fresh air. When making the reservation, it is necessary to verify that the cabin has a bathtub.

When making the reservation you must also take into account the cruise itinerary . You should look for those that disembark at accessible ports or cruise terminals. Thus, your baby will also be more comfortable at the time of disembarkation.

If you need babysitting service, you must indicate it to the shipping company. Once on board, you must go to the children’s center on the first day to introduce your child and meet the people in charge of the department. The babysitting service usually has a cost and a defined schedule. For their part, the children’s clubs have no extra cost. There, the younger children are divided by age and receive care from specialized monitors. At these sites, children will be able to perform a large number of fun activities.

mother with a baby on a cruise

holiday homes

Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Iceland or Central Europe (such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland) are also ideal destinations for those who want to travel as a family. They have vacation homes that are prepared to offer fun activities and experiences for the little ones .

The breadth and available space of vacation homes is their great advantage over hotels. There is no discussion that, except for exceptions with high prices, hotels cannot compete in this regard. And this aspect is very comfortable, especially with small children who need long naps.

The second great advantage of vacation homes is the freedom they offer. There are those who get overwhelmed by having to stick to a schedule as tight as that of hotels. If you rent an apartment, don’t forget to make sure there is parking available. Few things are more frustrating than having to drive around looking for a parking space and then carry all your baby’s luggage for several meters.

Resorts to go with babies

The resorts in the Canary Islands are very comfortable for families with a baby because they offer all kinds of services necessary for their care. These are ideal spaces to enjoy a quiet family holiday.

The vast majority of these complexes also have swimming pools and many of them are exclusively dedicated to babies and children . In addition, they usually offer a huge variety of activities, such as live shows or children’s workshops.

The resorts, being very large spaces, have large outdoor areas with nature and many of them are aimed at children. Although the children’s leisure areas are not dedicated to babies, but rather to older children, they are an option to socialize with other parents .

babies in vacation resort


There are long-distance destinations, both within European borders and beyond, that are highly recommended for traveling with babies and children . If you are considering the possibility of spending your holidays outside of Spain with your baby and her older siblings, you can choose specialized destinations for families. There are very interesting options for those traveling abroad with children.

Orlando, United States

If you want to enjoy a family vacation that includes some adventure and adrenaline, this Florida city is perfect for your children . Orlando attracts people from around the world for its world-class theme parks and tourist attractions, including Walt Disney World Resort, Legoland and Universal Studios Orlando.

The natural attractions of the region and its subtropical climate that provides plenty of sunshine for most of the year also give it many options for family activities. Of course, we invite you to plan your trip to avoid the rainy and hurricane season that begins in late August and ends in November.

Berlin Germany

With world-class public transportation, well-planned streets, and vast green spaces, Berlin is a great place to travel as a family, even if you’re traveling with a baby . As its terrain is flat and even, Germany’s capital is a perfect city to explore by bike or on foot with a pushchair or baby carrier.

Despite its large size, its noise and pollution levels are well below those of other metropolitan areas on the planet. Visitors can explore the city’s historic areas and enjoy contemporary events featuring cutting-edge art, literature, and music.

father cycling through Berlin with his baby

Natural landscapes in Finland

Finland is a great country for outdoor adventures with lots of natural beauty. Its air is one of the cleanest in the world; and its landscapes, dominated by thousands of lakes and forests, are simply unforgettable. The Salla region, next to the Oulanka National Park, is considered one of the most pristine environments in Europe .

Finnish summers are spectacular, especially for those visiting areas north of the Arctic Circle. For a couple of months, the sun does not set, or it remains visible for almost 24 hours.

Natural environments in Costa Rica

Located in the heart of Central America and bathed by two oceans, this dream destination allows families with young children to live unforgettable experiences .

Costa Rica’s landscapes include beautiful beaches, impressive volcanoes, and lush tropical jungles that are home to some of the world’s most amazing animals. All members of the family will greatly enjoy their visit to Tortuguero and Braulio Carrillo National Parks. We also suggest you visit the Arenal Volcano and the Tortuguero town.

traveling with a baby to costa rica

Ljubljana and other attractions in Slovenia

There are many tales and stories that are inspired by the natural beauty of Slovenia. The morning offers excellent views of the Alpine peaks, the afternoon is ideal for a walk among the vineyards, and the evening offers the opportunity to listen to the roar of the waves as they reach the mainland.

In Ljubljana, the capital, you can visit the House of Experiments, a complex that children will love , as it will allow them to learn about science in an interesting and fun way at the same time. Nearby, there is the famous Dragon Bridge, Predjama Castle and Postojna Cave.

house of experiments in Ljubljana

Nature and cities in Canada

Canada is a huge country, covering an area as large as almost the entire European continent. It has incredible wild environments that contrast with its modern cities.

Its fascinating cities, such as Toronto and Quebec, and spectacular natural attractions, such as Niagara Falls, make this an ideal destination for the whole family. This trip will be even better if you do water activities with your little one, such as a canoe ride on Peyto Lake (Banff National Park) .

baby kayaking in canada

London, United Kingdom

If you have thought about traveling to London, we recommend you visit Legoland Windsor with your family and the Harry Potter tour at Warner Studios. The Legoland Windsor is a theme park whose attractions and games built with LEGO bricks .

For its part, the Harry Potter tour at Warner Bros studios is a great place for children who dream of being inside a Harry Potter movie. Here you will be able to see first-hand some of the settings, special effects and objects that were used to produce the 8 installments of this saga. Some of the most popular sections are Dumbledore’s office and Diagon Alley.

Other family outings in London include hopping on one of the typical red buses that offer access to panoramic views of the city. The KidZania children’s entertainment and educational center is also a great place for children. It offers mini golf, soccer training and many other fun activities.

national parks of kenya

A great family travel experience awaits you in Kenya, where the little ones can get up close to the African savannah and its incredible fauna . It is a trip designed to get to know the national parks of Kenya while you spend the night in hotels and tent camps.

If you are looking for a trip full of unrepeatable experiences in the company of your loved ones, choose the safari in Aberdare Park. Along the way, you can see herds of buffalo, elephants, baboons and hyenas.

On the way through the Great Rift Valley, towards Lake Nakuru, you will cross the imaginary line of the equator and take a photographic safari in a paradise full of flamingos that cover the lake in pink. Finally, it should be said that two species of rhinos live here.


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dations that will increase the enjoyment of the trip for everyone.