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Furniture legs: 7 reasons to start using them


and making them comfortable. That is why it is difficult to imagine a living space without them. With furniture legs you can take this concept to the next level. By observing different types of furniture, we could notice that some are supported directly on the floor and others are mounted on furniture legs. However, the trend is moving more and more towards the use of furniture legs , even in a concealed way for more discretion. Which of the two options offers you the most advantages? We take a look at the best choice for your home furniture in this article.     

Furniture legs: 7 reasons to choose them 

 we list the 7 reasons why you should definitely use furniture legs . Cleaning Short or long furniture legs bear most of the weight of the furniture. This creates floor clearance that allows for optimal cleaning, in many cases without the need to move it. In addition, since it is not necessary to move the furniture, the risks of leaving marks on the floor are reduced. On the other hand, by cleaning the area close to the furniture and being raised, it avoids contact with products that can alter the finish of the lower parts of the furniture. Furniture legs protect and save a lot of time .       


By placing feet under the furniture, the mobility of the furniture is improved, since sliding it with this advantage avoids the deterioration of the furniture and the floor. It should be noted that it also depends on the type of legs installed and their material . Some will not be able to resist such a move. However, this can be solved with the application of roller feet, of course. These will allow the total movement of the piece of furniture, comfortably and adding aesthetic value to the whole.     

Adjusting furniture legs 

If you want to change the height of your furniture in a simple way and have room to maneuver to level it, the solution lies in the adjustable feet. This particular type of feet or accessories that can be added to them, generally consists of a base that can be adjusted manually and without inconvenience, by means of a bolt. It allows to modify the height of each edge separately and to adapt it to the irregularities of the ground or other factors. It is important to take into account that the tip of this accessory or foot has a silicone or rubber coating, so it does not affect the finish of the floor.     

Decoration  When it comes to decoration, furniture legs can add tremendous aesthetic value to furniture and rooms. There is a wide variety of different shapes, finishes, and materials, so finding the best one for your spaces won’t be difficult. If you’re looking for a modern look, the metal legs with chrome finish stand out and provide a seamless aesthetic. On the other hand, those made of wood give a warmer appearance. A well-chosen set of legs enhances the look of your furniture, so it’s a valid reason to start using them.     

Good condition of furniture and floors 

Nowadays, most furniture legs have protections at their lower ends that prevent scratches due to the movements generated when moving the furniture. This factor is important, because one of the main causes of marks on delicate floors is furniture without this accessory. It would also be possible to place these rubbers directly on the furniture. However, by not suspending it, it would be in contact with the ground, increasing its deterioration in the areas of greatest contact .   


Furniture legs are available in many types of materials, some of which are more suitable for certain uses. For example: plastic ones are very resistant to corrosion, perfect for outdoor spaces, areas with high humidity. Alternatively, iron ones are more impact resistant and tend to hold a higher weight. Generally, you can find very sturdy feet with long-lasting durability .   


Furniture legs can provide a very positive decorative contrast in rooms. However, there is also the possibility of installing more discreet or hidden models that are not so visible and do not affect the aesthetics of your home. Especially for kitchen furniture, there are profile systems that are installed with the legs of the furniture to hide them with a more uniform finish .   

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Conclusion: Furniture legs are a mainstay in your home.  

Choosing the right legs for your furniture takes time to think about the application, so it’s important to consider the variety of designs, styles, materials and other characteristics. we have a very diverse catalog of furniture feet. Take a look and contact us if you have any doubts.