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Plastic Casters: Why You Should Use Them


It is amazing how people are unaware of the convenience and benefits of having furniture with plastic casters until they are installed. Having the ability to easily move the elements of a house opens up a range of possibilities , especially for small spaces.

Don’t you find that when trying to change the layout of a room or give it a different look, it’s extremely tedious to move the furniture around? And if your floor scratches easily or your furniture has tricky legs, dragging it around isn’t an option .

In this case, plastic casters solve this problem and other additional problems which we will discuss below. We are sure that after reading this entire post, you will be convinced that this is a great decision to save you some headaches.

Plastic wheels to optimize and modify spaces

Plastic casters have the excellent ability to turn hard-to-move objects into their opposite, helping to optimize spaces. Here are some of the benefits of installing them.

Change the use of furniture according to the occasion

heavy piece of furniture , such as a shelf, becomes virtually unmovable once installed. In small spaces, this aspect has a very negative impact.

In small rooms or small areas, furniture should be small, but also mobile. And this allows you to optimize the spaces much more than in normal conditions.

Think of a kitchen. Imagine being able to convert a drawer with a counter near the wall into a more practical temporary island for cooking. All this by simply installing sliding plastic casters .

This example tells us a bit more about the endless possibilities of using plastic wheels, but it doesn’t stop there!

Transform a space according to its use

If you have furniture in the living room and want to clear it out to turn the living room into an exercise space, this should interest you. If the furniture doesn’t have casters, you wouldn’t even think about using that space . And that’s because it involves a lot of effort.

Specifically, heavy -duty plastic casters are excellent for those occasions, where you need to move furniture that you can’t drag. This way you don’t damage the floor or the furniture.

Modify the distribution to add dynamism

The distribution of a space is an essential aspect to feel good there. And even more when it comes to spaces that we use frequently, such as the living room, kitchen or bedrooms.

However, keeping the same distribution for a long time displeases some people. Thus, renewing a decor by combining the same elements in another way gives a feeling of freshness. It’s like renewing your home every day!

In many homes, it is common for the arrangement of furniture to remain static for a long time. Maybe not because people don’t want to change, but also because it’s hard to move heavy furniture without casters.

In this case, plastic casters also add great value to your space. With this element, you can change the organization of your furniture whenever you want. Add more dynamism and freshness to your daily life.

Deep cleaning without too much effort

Have you ever had to strain to clean behind furniture? I’m sure it’s because of the furniture that doesn’t have casters. Sometimes you don’t even clean up after them because it’s so difficult to move them and put them back. The dirt then accumulates or it is a real headache to prepare to clean there.

On the other hand, with the easy to move furniture equipped with plastic wheels, cleaning is a matter of minutes. In addition, the bottom of the cabinet does not get dirty or stained when mopping if it does not have feet.

They can be easily moved, cleaned and replaced with minimal effort. Of course, it should be noted that if it is heavy furniture, it requires casters capable of supporting it. This is the case of the Bowl 2 or Slip 2 castors , which are extremely robust and reliable.

Can plastic casters be decorated ?

It is normal that this question arises, because there are many models of casters that have an aesthetic appearance of an industrial type and harmonize with domestic spaces. In the Emuca catalog of castors, you can find castors that are fully functional and resistant, and with a decorative aspect that is perfect for any space in your home!