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5 kitchen equipment ideas that optimize space


The kitchen is the meeting point of the family, called not without reason “the heart of the house”. You spend so much time there that the minimum expected is for it to be comfortable and pleasant , a space where you can share with loved ones while preparing a good dinner. Therefore, equipment and kitchen are two words that go together. However, this is not always the case. In many cases, the kitchen does not have the necessary space or, if it does, it is not properly distributed so that several people can sit comfortably. Few are those who are lucky enough to have a large kitchen with room to store everything.    But don’t worry, it’s not always so complicated: all you need is a few clear ideas and the necessary kitchen equipment to optimize the space you already have. we are experts in the matter, that’s why we offer you 5 ideas that will surely be of great help to you  

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Kitchen equipment: essential aspects for a good design

To make the most of every corner of the kitchen, it is necessary to look in detail and know what the ideal distribution is , whether it is a small, a large or an irregular space: there is always a way to make it work. The important thing is to keep three key aspects in mind when designing: 

  • The distances between the most necessary utensils should be short , for example between the refrigerator and the sink. 
  • Ergonomics , that is, everything fits perfectly, the design is not only beautiful but also functional. 
  • This requires intelligent organization of space and furniture. 

All of this might overwhelm you a bit. However, it is not impossible: all you need is the right kitchen equipment . Here are a few that you might find very useful : 

  • The removable corner modules will allow you to have storage space in any corner of your kitchen, as well as easy access to what you store there, thus giving a feeling of space. 
  • column with shelves will give you space to quickly store everyday items. 
  • Sliding cabinets , as well as corner modules, will allow you to take advantage of any free space in your kitchen to store objects and make the most of every corner you have. 
  • glass showcase is ideal for storing your dishes. It will thus have its own space and will serve as decoration at the same time. 
  • The large drawers will give you the space you need to store large accessories. 

    5 kitchen equipment ideas to optimize your space

    You already have ideas about how you would like to distribute your kitchen space, as well as what kind of accessories and furniture you should have for it to be fully functional. Now, we present to you 5 kitchen equipment ideas to optimize your space. 

    All in one color

    Although this is not an outfitting idea per se, it is certain that painting furniture and walls in one color will give a feeling of amplitude, being visually more spacious . 

    Shelves will be your best friends

    Instead of cabinets, place shelves in the upper part of the kitchen. This way, it will appear more spacious. In addition, you can take advantage of both the upper part for placing objects, and the lower part for hanging cups using hooks. 

    A sliding door for the entrance

    Every centimeter of space counts, and normal doors subtract at least 1 meter from the kitchen, since they need this distance to open. A sliding door , on the other hand, does not need it. Go for it ! 

    If you have high walls, take advantage of them !

    Another piece of kitchen equipment that will help you take advantage of high walls are cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling. This way you will increase storage space and keep your kitchen from looking cluttered. A trick is to choose them in light shades and put glass doors, this will give a minimalist and elegant look .

    Get LED light strips

    Another kitchen equipment not to be missed: with them you can illuminate the interior of drawers and cupboards so that, regardless of their depth, you can see everything inside. Likewise, illuminate the work area, give light to your kitchen and it will appear larger than it is.