Just like style, charisma is worked on. We often think that charisma is something innate. However, like any discipline, charisma is worked on, improved and developed.

Today we giving you 5 tips to improve your charisma and finally dare to assume the person you really are.

1. L’attitude 

Being charismatic starts first with an attitude. Being smiling, emphatic, sociable, are all qualities that will develop your charisma. Always think that a positive attitude attracts positive spirits and makes you more likable to others. Charisma inevitably passes through relationships with others. Also be careful that appearing sure of yourself and cold will not make you more charismatic, just the opposite. On the other hand, a natural ease accompanied by a sincere empathy will make you remembered on good terms.

2. Language

Developing your charisma also involves the way you speak and express yourself. We therefore put aside insults and vulgarity in favor of a more elegant language. However, we avoid falling into the trap of pretension by using phrasings that you are the only one or the only one to understand. The goal here is to make yourself “attractive” in the eyes of others and not “snobby” or “pretentious”. We also make sure to use positive language. We put aside, for example, sentences with negative turns such as “ne…pas”. We also think of using “thank you” rather than “sorry”. A small detail that will make the difference.

3. The gaze 

To develop his charisma, the art of the gaze must be mentioned. Indeed, the look is an indisputable asset whose importance we too often forget. Do you feel more confident when people look you in the eye rather than being faced with an interlocutor who adopts a shifty gaze? Do you feel more taken into consideration? If you answered yes, know that this makes perfect sense. Learning to look others in the eye when speaking to them is sometimes difficult to put into practice, but you will always be rewarded for it. A little tip? Capture the gaze of your interlocutor by trying to discover the color of their eyes.

. The appearance

I couldn’t talk to you about charisma without talking to you about appearance. Please note, I am not talking about beauty. Know that a charismatic person will always be beautiful and, deep down, isn’t that true beauty? If I’m talking about appearance, it’s mainly style that I’m talking about. Indeed, a charismatic person is comfortable in his sneakers and therefore in his style. The most important thing is to find yours and to assume it. Dare to unleash your style and your charisma will grow! Dare to wear the clothes you like, dare to adopt “that little thing of yours” that makes you unique and you will see, everything else will follow.

5. Be yourself

Certainly the most important tip of these 5 tips for developing your charisma: learn to be yourself. Keep your spontaneity and your child’s soul. Be authentic, that’s how your pockets love you and that’s how you will be liked. Learn to trust yourself, your ideas and your style!