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3 trends in bedroom wardrobe design


The bedroom is the place in the house where you should feel calm, relaxed and at ease. One of the most important natural processes we carry out, sleep, must be pleasant and regenerating to allow us to face the new day with maximum energy.


Customers put a lot of thought into how their bedroom should be, but more importantly how wardrobes should be installed in it. Comfort , practicality and organization will absolutely depend on them.

It is therefore essential that you know all the options available to you to achieve a good cabinet design before you start your project proposal. And you should also know what are the trends that will shake things up over the next year so that your customers will be delighted with the result.

At Emuca we have prepared this article so that you can be up to date with the latest trends.


Custom cabinets: what are the trends ?

The main trend, which also never goes out of style, in wardrobe design is that comfort and functionality should be the fundamental principles. But we also tell you a bit more so you can pinpoint the problem and get what your customers are looking for.

Minimalism is gaining ground in cabinet design

2021 brings with it the need to create spaces that are large, orderly and provide peace in the bedrooms. Therefore, the design for bedroom wardrobes requires a good analysis of the needs of each particular family.

Quality materials and options that perfectly conceal everything inside are the preferred options of customers.


Custom cabinets are increasingly in demand

There is no doubt that custom cabinetry is becoming the preferred choice of consumers. Because by creating them step by step, taking into account everything that customers need, we get a useful, practical and functional wardrobe.

Thus, we can include all types of drawers , fittings and accessories that will optimize all the space to obtain the best possible performance.


Sliding doors : easily gain space

Sliding doors are definitely necessary, because their installation and use guarantee a wider space, better access to all corners of the cabinets and a more global visualization of the interior. In addition, they offer the possibility of using different types of fittings for wardrobes , and give the design of the bedroom a much more elegant style.

Colors and finishes to combine

For 2021, color trends should bring back the old air and combine it with modernity.

Naval blue , known as the “new black”, will be the ideal option to give an elegant and contemporary touch to the room. Its combination with chrome elements will be the icing on the cake to obtain a spectacular finish .


But, for customers who do not want to bet on this color, the combination of white with light woods will be the most requested option. The new year promises to be marked by the protection of the environment and the preference for organic and ecological products, and what better way to evoke this belief in the house than to use natural materials that remind us of nature. .


Fittings needed for cabinet design in 2021

The essential fittings in wardrobe design will undoubtedly be those that guarantee comfort , tranquility and functionality. As well as the optimization of space and the ease of storage.

Some of them you will need to include in each of your projects are:


–      Folding hangers : they allow easier and more comfortable access to all hanging clothes. You will be able to select the desired item in a much easier way. 


–      Shoe rack : to keep all the shoes tidy and in view. You can choose the most desired ones at a glance. Shoe racks are also a popular option. 


–      Organizer drawer : so that you can access all those accessories that would normally be much more difficult to locate and select. 


But, in addition to the fittings described, you can also include pull-out trouser racks, pull -out mirrors , tie racks, belt racks, internal drawers with Push system, silent and with specific fittings that protect against blows.